October 2021

It’s been a long time since we did an update, and there has been a lot going on!

Sadly I have to report that several people associated with the Practice are no longer with us: Hygienist Lindsay, who has been with us for longer than I can remember, decided it was time to hang up her scalers, and we wish her a long healthy and happy retirement. Marina, who had been with us for 16 years had an accident in her home and unfortunately died aged 59 – her smile, expertise and team spirit are already greatly missed. Bernard Donnelly – a partner up to 2000 also died earlier this year.

Covid and it’s effects on us are impossible to understate. 56 pages of measures were imposed on the dental profession last summer which we were expected to fully comply with to enable us to be open and offer our services. Despite ending of lockdowns and restrictions in most areas, dentists are still labouring with full covid restrictions/ppe etc. One way or another, every dentist I know is struggling with it all, and we have all had to take steps to protect our services and ourselves. Our approach has been worked out by trial and error, but we have settled into a system we can cope with where we work a 6 hour day, with some days starting at 830 finishing 230, and other days starting 1130, finishing 530. It does vary from week to week which shift we do on which day! Saturdays are gone – completely impractical for us now. We now take every Wednesday off, but have reinstated Mondays as a full session. We still live in hope that one day the restrictions will be relaxed to allow us to offer fuller opening times once again, but it is far from certain that will happen

Lindsay Hunter

Marina Watkins

Bernard Donnelly

Covid 19 Latest News

As we now start to offer dental treatment again, while Covid-19 is still considered an issue, there are several features of our normal procedures that have to change. From 29th June we expect to be able to resume treatments, and we are now starting to contact people with treatment outstanding. Check-ups and hygienist visits are probably still a few weeks off, but we will be in touch with everyone in due course

You may yourself wish to further postpone attendance if you are in a vulnerable group or are shielding. You should definitely not attend if unwell, coughing, carrying a fever or if you may have been in contact with anyone isolating or with Covid symptoms.

You should still only attend the Practice if you have a booked appointment, to allow us to meet social distancing and new operating protocols. On arrival please phone 07726 613690 to let us know you are here and we will tell you when we are ready for you and it is safe to come in. More than ever, it is important that you arrive in good time for your appointment

You will be met at the door (where sanitising hand gel is available and should be used as you enter and leave the premises) and escorted straight to your treatment room. The waiting room and toilet facilities are closed – please use the toilet before you leave home. Adult patients must enter the building alone, while children under 16 can be accompanied by one parent. Couples or families all with appointments can attend as a group. Please conduct any communication with staff on reception from behind the flexible screen. Please bring minimal belongings with you as these must be left in an individual plastic container in each room.

Paperwork on the day must be eliminated as far as practically possible. If there are any changes to your medical status please in advance either phone them through on 01254 232518 or email to info@glenlyon-dental.co.uk.  When we resume checkups we will forward your most recent medical history for you to check as above. You will not be signing that form this time and you do not return it. If any payments are due with treatment please consider paying by card over the phone.

Again, for the duration, you will find your surgery team will look a little different! For the foreseeable future, my informal style has to disappear, and we shall be wearing scrubs, masks, full face visors and aprons, and for any procedure needing The Drill, also full surgical gowns and half mask respirators, all of which will make communication at least a little more awkward. I am aware that those of a nervous disposition or some of our younger patients may well be made more anxious by these changes, and if anybody wishes to further postpone attendance as a result, we do understand.

These significant extra protocols and ppe are, at the moment, considered essential to keep all of us, and you, safe, and to allow us to open and operate. We are required to close a surgery and leave it ‘fallow’ for some time after it has been used, depending on the procedure. Our extra rooms help considerably with this, but until the Covid Alert Level drops to the stage where we can resume our usual operating parameters, we shall simply not be able to see the same number of patients in a day and our opening hours are also significantly impacted by childcare considerations.

I believe that we shall be able to drop these extra measures and resume our normal service in a very few months, but until then, please continue to bear with us – we are sincerely grateful for your patience and understanding so far

Practice Reopening

In accordance with the announcement that dentists can reopen, we are busy getting the practice ready for phased reopening on Monday 8th June.
This unfortunately does not mean resumption of ‘business as usual’ because of social distancing measures, PPE guidelines and new procedure protocols designed to keep everybody safe. At this time we will only be able to deal with emergency and more urgent problems, and it will be a morning only service from 9-12.
If you have a dental problem, please continue to ring the practice on 01254 232518 for details of the next available session, where you can initially receive telephone advice and if required, a dentist will ring you back for a telephone consultation.
Please Do Not attend the practice in this transitional phase unless you are given an appointment over the telephone as the practice will remain locked.
In due course we will then be in contact to rebook any treatments planned before lockdown and routine check-ups
Many thanks for all your support and we hope to see you soon

Covid Outbreak 2020 update

We are still running short emergency sessions 10-11am Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays…although as They do not want us creating ‘aerosols’ our normal definition of emergency has had to be modified somewhat. On those days we are answering the phone from about 9.30 – please do not attend without ringing first, in order that we can correctly distance people.

I am not going to forecast when we can resume normal services – the situation seems to  change daily and we shall have to adhere to whatever official guidelines are brought in, but we are all hoping it will not go on much longer. Once we get the green light we intend to stay open a little later in the evening and postpone our normal summer closure  to enable us to catch up and get everybody back on their normal schedule. Normal service will be resumed !!

Updates will be posted here as they become available.

I regret that we shall be unable to deal with new or lapsed patient enquiries until we are back on track with our regular patients.

Best wishes

Mark and the Glenlyon team’

Coronavirus update April 2020

I hope everyone is keeping well during these testing times.

As most of you will already have been made aware, or guessed, all routine and planned treatments/appointments are postponed for the duration of the lockdown.

Once normal service can be resumed, we plan to provide extra and longer opening hours to allow us to catch up and restore normal service as quickly as possible.

If you have an urgent dental problem, at the moment we are opening 10-11am Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with the phone being answered from around 9.30, specifically to deal with these. Please do not turn up without an appointment, but we shall do our best to sort any issues, although our treatment options are limited by current professional guidelines. Outside these times Mark can still be contacted on his mobile (may be best to text first) and any messages left on the answer machine are currently picked up remotely and responded to, if appropriate, every day.

At  the moment we are unable to deal with any enquiries from new or lapsed patient enquiries

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